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"Good Afternoon:
My two children and I just recently completed a Mt. Washington climb (last weekend) and I want to complement your guide services. Phil was, once again, outstanding. We had him last year as well and what a real class act he is. I especially want to complement Tim. I hope I have his last name spelled correctly. My 14 year old son had considerable difficulties with the climb due to the icy conditions of the trails and he had to turn back about half way up. I accompanied him and Tim on the way back down. It was disappointing not being able to summit this year for me, but Tim made the experience on the way down rich, valuable and eventful. He continued to praise my son, helping him with his confidence and gave us considerable information about the forest flora. We had terrific conversations about a lot of things. Tim’s technical skills are superb and what a wonderful personality he possess. My son absolutely admires Tim and now keeps a picture of him and himself in his room to remember the experience.
Thank you for employing outstanding guides on your team such as Tim. I am truly appreciative!
My best,Ron
Ronald Dwinnells, M.D., MBA, CPE, FAAP Chief Executive Officer One Health Ohio 726 Wick Avenue Youngstown, Ohio 44505


"I've had the opportunity to climb with many guides in many parts of the world. But, Art Mooney stands apart. He's equal parts guide, mentor, teacher and friend. Perhaps even more importantly, Art excels at listening. He listens to the weather. He listens to the climbing conditions. And, he listens to the climber.

As a result, I always feel 100 percent certain that Art's keeping my interests and enjoyment paramount in his mind.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Art, and his MMG colleagues, to anyone.

Steve C."

"I was very lucky to have met Art several years ago; my experiences with him have been wonderful.

He has gone way beyond just guiding me on rock and ice routes in NH, VT and Red Rocks. He has very patiently moved me along the path to becoming a better climber and has a sincere interest in my progression. In all variety of locations and conditions the climbs are always exciting, rewarding and great fun.

The days with Art and his staff of amiable and highly skilled guides have given me the opportunity to truly enjoy my days in the mountains.

Jerry G."


I was part of the class of ice climbers this past weekend, and I just wanted to drop a quick note to say how happy I was with the course and guide. Alex is, in a word, awesome!

Our group consisted of various levels of climbers, and Alex accommodated everyone with grace, patience and encouragement. While the weather pretty much sucked, Alex kept everyone engaged and positive. The pace of climbs was perfect for our group.

My only complaint would be that I had to go home after two days.

I will be back for more.

Thanks again!

Marc L."

"Hi Art

Thanks for the response. I wanted to tell you how great Alex was on the trail this week. I was hiking with my sister and her husband; we were all inexperienced and underestimated the requirements of the trek. There was some rain and wind on the second day and my brother-in-law was slow. I went ahead to the Lake of the Clouds- we had been on the trail for over 10 hours at that point. I was worried about my sister and brother-in law when I got to the hut and I was worn out. The "hut kids" were non-plussed, but Alex went out again to see how they were progressing and it took him another hour to ninety minutes to get back with my brother-in law. It was not his job and it was not his obligation- but he went back out anyway. I so appreciate his willingness to go the extra mile and to make me (and my sister) feel a little more secure that everything was going to work out. He also spent time with us and other hikers giving folks advice about trails the next day. The weather had gotten pretty bad by then and several folks were feeling unprepared- but Alex offered solid straightforward directions to anyone who asked. All this to say- thank you! Your company was very well represented by Alex. My deep appreciation and respect for the work you do and the people who help you accomplish it.

Stephanie Fanjul