I got a start in the outdoors at a young age thanks to my parents. Activities like biking, hiking and kayaking naturally progressed to the more exciting disciplines of rock and ice climbing. I cut my teeth in high school climbing at Rumney through the Holderness School climbing program under the tutelage of former Mooney Mountain Guide, Richard Parker.

As a senior there, I did a Guide Apprenticeship program with Richard, learning how to manage groups and ropes, and acquiring several certifications along the way. I stayed close to the climbing I knew and loved for college, pushing my self at my home crags as well as gaining guiding experience working for the climbing program at my old high school.

On year out of college, I am now running that program. Being introduced to climbing was a pivotal moment for me. It quickly became the highlight of each day, and gave me a drive to throw myself at mastering something new and exciting. When I took new climbers out for the first time it was a similiar pivotal moment.

The energy and excitment of ones first climb is contagious and can be felt by those sharing the moment. I love to be a part of this, and a facilitator, helping some one to discover a new passion, or even an exhilerating one time expereince.


Guiding and Teaching Credentials:

  • Wilderness First Responder
  • AIARE Level 1
  • AMGA Single Pitch Instructor
  • Holderness School Guide Apprenticeship Program

Climbing and Guiding Experience:

  • Sport leads to 5.12c
  • Trad leads to 5.11c
  • Ice leads to WI5